file using wcf service

file using wcf service

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A sample method i use to download the file from my REST service: [WebGet(UriTemplate = "file/{id}")] public Stream GetPdfFile(string id) ... Converting a normal WCF service to being RESTful might be an easy task, but when it comes to streaming files over a REST call using WCF, ... A sample for uploading/downloading large files from a browser to a WCF service via a web server. The RetrieveFile method is used for downloading the file. The method takes the parameter “path”, that is the location of the file for downloading from the WCF server. The method itself is pretty simple, it sets the ContentType and filename in the Response Header and then sends the FileStream back. I have created a new stream(excel file) i wanna download it but it doesnt reaturn any file public Stream DownloadExcelFile() { var stream ... WCF REST services provides XML or JSON conversion for the response from the WCF service , however the question that was bothering me was ... Download file using WCF Service. ... So file generated in one server and it is being requested in another server which leads to 404.