unable to the kickstart file centos usb

unable to the kickstart file centos usb

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"Unable to download kickstart file, Please modify parameters below or press cancel to proceed as an interactive installation." I use the exact ... The error message "Unable to download the kickstart file" while attempting to image or reimage a Recovery Series appliance from USB media. Try Elastix 1.6 or use an ide cdrom, the sata and usbstorage drivers are noticeably absent in earlier Elastix distros. (sometimes changing the sata/ide setup in the ... Solved: Hi there There is a kickstart file on it opens in the ... the installation fails with the following error : "Unable to download the kickstart file, ... Does the CentOS 5.5 initrd image your booting from contain the correct NIC ... I got an error message saying a kickstart not found Any suggestions ? ... The USB stick is generated , the ks.cfg files are existing in the root ...